Reverend Chickie Haute is a dualy ordained reverend and minister of Loves Church Online, Universal Life Church and the Church of Spiritual Humanism for which she is non-denominational and respectful of all beliefs and religions.

Chickie ministers a weekly service on Loves Church Online. You can tune, join the chat and enjoy the service every Monday at 9pm Eastern.

She is a professional life, love and well-being coach, spiritual mentor and life-healer. Reverend Chickie is trained and credential. She has more than 30 years of professional experience and has helped more than 15,000 successful and capable people worldwide; including but not limited to actors, producers, vocal recording artists, doctors, lawyers, business executives, sports athletes, politicians, military, law-enforcement, radio personalities and stage entertainers.

Reverend Chickie specializes in matters of happiness, health, abundance, love, timelines, intentions, motives and defining outcomes for your life. As a coach, she will hold you accountable and help you create reasonable goals.

Chickie is not a counselor, nor is she a therapist.

Life mastery services revolve around the areas of:

  • Spirituality, learning
  • Relationships, social life, family
  • Career, finances, education
  • Home, community
  • Health, well-being
  • Esteem, confidence, self-love
  • Problem solving, stress reduction
  • Trust, respect, purpose