Reverend Chickie Haute has more than 30+ years of professional experience and formal training working alongside spiritual, medical and psychological professionals. She has been tested, certified, verfied and ranked amongst the top metaphysical and spiritual advisors in the world!

Chickie has helped more than 15,000 successful and capable individuals from all over the world, both in-person and by phone or video call. She has helped, actors, vocal recording artists, musicians, producers, pro sport athletes, business executives, attorney's, law enforcement, military, politicians, radio and television personalities, stage entertainers and even peers.

Reverend Chickie specializes in happiness, health, abundance, love, meeting timelines, intentions, setting goals, defining and understanding motives, and creating positive outcomes. Her expertise lives within relationship dynamics, between friends, couples, family, adults and special-needs children.

She is an honest, well-respected and loved expert in the spiritual mentoring and life coaching industry.

Reverend Chickie had developed the North American Psychic and Paranormal Network (NAPPN) in 2009 to current. The site specializes in radio and television broadcasting, where Chickie is a producer and has radio and internet tv presence.

Reverend Chickie Haute is best known for her prophetic ability to predict natural disasters and effectively warn and communicate with government agencies regarding exact dates of events.

The largest domestic natural disasters predicted:

In 2009, Chickie predicted a significant earthquake that would shake from the Carolinas to Canada along the East Coast of the United States of America on the exact date of August 23, 2011, to be followed by a large amount of coastal flooding. There was an earthquake in Mineral, Virginia on August 23, 2011 that shook from the Carolinas to Canada on the East Coast of the United States. Hours later following the quake, Hurricane Irene made landfall and caused $16.5 billion dollars in flooding damage. With the help of Chickie, officials were prepared for the quake in Washington, DC and coastal evacuations were made.

Chickie caught the attention of the United States Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and United States Geological Survey in cooperation with international universities seeking greater understanding of psychic prediction.

In 2011, Chickie Haute was asked to partner with international video call company, Oranum to assist in recruiting, testing, teaching and mentoring their psychics.

In 2012, Chickie Haute had established herself as the “RockPsychic” catering internationally to successful professionals in the entertainment industry on Oranum until 2019.

During this time in 2012, Chickie was contacted by a clinical psychologist holding rank of Major, working with the United States Army. He was seeking assessment tools and greater understanding of psychic phenomenon.

Chickie has been the go-to person with regards to psychic development and training, as well as spiritual enlightenment by experts and peers, internationally.

Most famous international prediction:

October 3, 2012 Chickie predicted the Russian Chelyabinsk meteor impact. The impact occurred on February 15, 2013. The meteor is the largest natural object to have entered Earth’s atmosphere undetected since 1908.

On a personal note:

When Chickie is not busy with her spiritual and coaching practice, she enjoys spending time with her husband and their four cats and one dog. Everyone gets along great when Chickie is there to translate the communication between the animals!

Chickie is a active member of the clergy, philanthropist, advocate, and activist with a strong concern for all living creatures and the environment. As a public speaker, she has been known to lead charitable, environmental and community activist events. Chickie has been interviewed on such news networks as CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX and Telemundo for her community and activist presence.

Reverend Chickie Haute has an interest in the well-being of humanity. She is an active member of the RLSH (real life super hero) community. She is always available to help both domestic and international authorities.

In August 2019, Chickie opened the virtual doors to Loves Church Online, where she and her husband, minister services on Monday nights for an international spiritual internet community.

In January 2020, Chickie announced public access to her private radio station and renamed it, the "Be Inspired Radio Network". An international variety radio station streaming on the web 24 hours a day.

Reverend Chickie has been associated with or has received group or one-to-one training from the following associations and organizations:

✏ NAMI - National Alliance on Mental Illness

✏ AIC - Association of International Consultants

✏ Coachville

✏ International Association of Professional Life Coaches

✏ Social Enterprise Alliance

✏ Foster Family-based Treatment Association

✏ Foster Care Network

✏ Society for Human Resource Management

✏ North American Psychic & Paranormal Network

✏ Metaphysical Society of America

✏ The Masonic Philosophical Society

✏ Loves Church Online and Ministries

✏ Toastmasters

✏ Nature Conferences

✏ Hay-House, I Can Do it Conferences

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